Ambedkar’s The Buddha and His Dhamma is one of the most important works on Buddhism, and this book presents a scholarly edition of it. It was published posthumously and lacked scholarly apparatus such as citations and bibliographies. References to Buddhist scripture and other texts that served as inspiration for Ambedkar is sprinkled throughout this edition. In addition, there are explanations of the scriptures, criticisms of Ambedkar’s interpretations, and changes to his sources. As a result, the book focuses on Ambedkar’s interpretation of Buddhism and its potential for Dalit liberation and uplift. A series of anecdotes and narratives describe the life of Buddha and the spread of his Dhamma in India through Ambedkar’s reflections and interpretations. Furthermore, the book provides an in-depth examination of the Dhamma’s fundamental principles, canons, and traditions. Ambedkar’s interpretation of Buddha’s dhamma was also addressed through an examination of his citations and the inclusion of sources that were not included in his citations or references. Ambedkar’s alterations to his sources are also considered. We are extremely happy to present this new version of “Dr. Ambedkar’s The Buddha and his Dhamma “edited by Dr. Purushothaman to the truth-seeking readers of the present time, believing that the quintessence of Buddha’s Teachings, vision, and wisdom narrated by Dr Ambedkar in a lucid and authentic way is presented for better reading and understanding, leading us to experience, express and enjoy life in total well-being, resulting in self-actualization. This novel and the noble book will be an asset to everybody. With great expectations, we are presenting this book to the readers.

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 by Ambika Bhatnagar

This is a well-structured book that provides accessible insights into Buddhist principles, historical context, and Dr. Ambedkar's vision for social justice through Buddhism. While it may be dense for some readers, it remains a valuable resource for those interested in Buddhism and social reform.

 by David

Dr. Ambedkar's 'Buddha and His Dhamma' is a profound exploration of Buddha's teachings, shedding light on the timeless wisdom that continues to inspire and guide seekers of truth. A must-read for anyone interested in Buddhism and its profound impact on human consciousness